Railway Station or Office Building 

Painting Options

It's late July 1944 Operation Cobra has kicked off only days ago. Already US troops have penetrated deep into German territory. Troops of the Panzer Lehr are struggling to hold back the olive drab tide of Allied armour and infantry. Will this station be held so the troops can be resupplied and replacements be rushed into battle? Can US infantry capture it and gain cover from its stout stone walls?

Office or Railway Station?

Stone buildings in this style are common through much of France and Western Europe. Stoutly built with iconic interlocking stone quoins (the corner stones on the building), dormer windows in the roof, keystone window lintels, stone coping and distinctive double chimney stacks.

Fantastic detail

This building can be purchased, painted as shown below, or unpainted, allowing you to customise the look and feel of this great looking building to fit in with your existing terrain.

The back of the building

The Kreative Scenery, Railway Station or Office Building;

=> Superior detail, makes competing, mass produced buildings look very bland.

=> Removable roof, fits two medium bases inside.

=> Windows, our windows are modelled so you can see through them giving the building realistic depth.

=> Fully painted and realistic, we make every effort to match our paint work to historical photos.

=> Hand crafted, that's why they look so real!

=> Hand painted, every model is unique.

=> Cast in environmentally friendly but very durable Ultracal.

=> Packaged in environmentally friendly, plantation sourced cardboard boxes and paper padding/wrapping.

=> You can use the shipping box to safely store you beautiful hand-crafted model.

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(Note that infantry and vehicles are displayed for scale purposes only and are not included.)