Small Two Story House

Painting Options

This small two story house has many features typical of those built from 1900 through to the late 1950's, throughout much of Western Europe and England. It is a highly detailed model cast in hydrocal, high strength casting compound. While being strong, hydrocal is also easy to work with. Battle damage can be added using a craft knife or file and added details like signs or window shutters can be added with PVA or white glue.

Two story European house (small)

The highly textured surfaces respond well to dry brushing, inking and highlighting techniques. Unlike resin buildings, no special priming is required, the kit can simply be painted with any acrylic craft or student art paint. We do not recommend using enamel spray paint to base coat these models as acrylic paints adhere better to the hydrocal.

The house is cast in three parts which allows infantry and antitank units to be placed inside. KWEL buildings have open windows for added realism, allowing keen modelers to add details like glass or broken window panes. Below are photos of the unpainted models, the model is supplied unpainted, infantry and vehicles are displayed for scale purposes only and are not included with a sale.

The unpainted model (as shipped)

The house in parts