Jungle Set

Painting Options
Two Jungle Bases (Painted and Flocked)

These Jungle bases are suitable for most war games such as Flames of War, Boltaction, Chain of Command, 40K, AOS, Warhammer, etc.

In this pack you will find 1x large base with clumps of undergrowth which measures 8.75" by 4.75" (22cm by 15cm) and a second smaller base that measures 6" by 4.75" (17cm by 15cm). The pack also includes 4 great looking, smaller, mobile jungle bases that feature palms, trees, furns and assorted undergrowth. These can be moved around on the base during game play to allow easy placement of troops and vehicles.

Your Jungles will arrive as shown, painted, flocked and tabletop ready. Simply open and play!