Large Rocky Base

Painting Options

The rocky base can be used to add an area of hard cover to any table and can be used in any desert themed wargame or genre of wargame. The rocks are realistic and highly detailed featuring wind blown sand, scattered cobbles and generously textured boulders. The large rocky base has lots of room to place figures and provides realistic cover for infantry. 

The rocky base can be purchased, painted and flocked as shown below, or unpainted,  allowing you to customise the look and feel of this great looking terrain base to fit in with your existing terrain.

Large desert rocky base

Large Desert Rocky Base

The highly textured hydrocal surfaces respond well to dry brushing, inking and highlighting techniques. Unlike resin buildings, no special priming is required, the set can simply and easily be painted with any acrylic craft or student art paint. 

Below is a photo of the unpainted rocky base. Infantry and vehicles are displayed for scale purposes only and are not included with a sale.

Un-painted large rocky base