Low Adobe walls

Painting Options

Walls like these can be found in cities and towns throughout much of Italy, Middle East and the Mediterranean. These walls can be used to add a gardens to an Italian town, surround a desert hovel or keep the goats out of an olive orchard. The walls are highly detailed featuring split stone texture, slate/tile capping and detailed concreate/stone posts. The set includes four short, single sections and four long straight sections. The walls are cast in hydrocal, a high strength compound. 

The stonewall set can be purchased, painted and flocked as shown below, or unpainted,  allowing you to customise the look and feel of these great looking stonewalls to fit in with your existing terrain.

Painted Adobe Walls

While being strong, hydrocal is also easy to work with. Battle damage can be added using a craft knife or file. The highly textured surfaces respond well to dry brushing, inking and highlighting techniques. Unlike resin buildings, no special priming is required, the set can simply and easily be painted with any acrylic craft or student art paint. 

Below is are photos of the unpainted adobe wall set, as shown the set includes four short and four long wall sections. Infantry and vehicles are displayed for scale purposes only and are not included with a sale.

The unpainted adobe wall set

Closeup of the detail