Sci-Fi Hab Unit

Painting Options
When you need a roof over your head in the Grim Dark Future, maybe just for yourself and your family. Look no further than the KS-200 hab unit. This hab unit is perfect for you and your spouse/partner/labo-bodyslave to bring up your regulation 8 children. But wait, sign over your first 2 offspring to wonderful careers in the Astra Militarum and we'll hook your hab unit up to city facilities for (almost) free (ongoing charges will apply). Sign over 4 and we will furnish your hab unit for free. Sign over all 8 and we'll reduce the interest on your Imperial Bank loan to an exceedingly generous 25% per standard Terran year!

Grim dark jokes aside, the KS-200 hab unit is extruded from quality PLA filiment. PLA is environmentaly friendly, non toxic, durable and light. The kit goes together quickly and easily and can be painted with your favorite primer or spray paint (See below for Youtube assembly guide). Alternatively you can buy the kit assembled and painted in one of three great looking colours.