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These Hedges add cover and concealment to your battlefields, breaking up open lines of sight and helping to create a dynamic battle experience.

In this pack you will find six 6" lengths of hedge. Each hedge base is flocked with a natural looking static grass mix and is topped by a great looking blend of foam clump flock. The hedges stand ~1" high and provide good concealment to infantry. They look great in 28mm scale wargames like Bolt Action, Chain of Command or 40K where they can be used to enhance an urban or rural battlefield. If you are also a Flames of War player you will be happy to know that these hedges provide cover to but the largest tanks in FOW.

These multi scale hedges will be a fantastic addition to your terrain collection. By them now and you can use them in your games as soon as they arrive, just open and play!

Infantry and vehicle models are shown for scale purposes only and are not included with this product.