Flat Terrain Tile Pack

(6x Flat, Flat Pack Tiles)

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Kreative Scenery, 12" / 300mm square modular terrain tiles are designed to interlock allowing you to create a table full of mini dioramas which can be arranged and re-arranged into almost endless terrain possibilities. The Kreative Scenery terrain tile system is unique as it allows 3d modularity. Tiles can be clipped together with either the standard joiners or elevated tile joiners allowing you to create plateaus and high rolling hills. With these tiles you can create a natural and fully sculpted landscape to fight your battles across.

The flat tile pack contains 4 joiners and 6 flat pack, flat MDF tiles, each measuring 12" / 300mm square. These tiles can be quickly and easily glued together with PVA glue, detailed with your favourite flocks, static grasses, sand, and pebbles to create almost any landscape.  Add hedges and dirt roads to create a network European fields and lanes, add rocks, pebbles and sand to create a desert plane on a distant world. The possibilities are endless!

Below is shown an exhample of a single, completed tile. Beside it are the parts as they are supplied.