Streets of the Imperium, Terrain Tile Pack

(6x Flat, Flat Pack Tiles)

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Kreative Scenery's modular, Streets of the Imperium terrain tile pack. This set contains the parts for you to build 3x straight roads, 1x T-intersection and 2x flat tiles. Each tile is 12 inches / 30cm square and the tiles lock together securely during play with a removable plastic joiner. 6x tile joiners are included with this set which and will allow you to fully expand your terrain tile set later. The contents of the tile set are shown below.

The Streets of the Imperium tile set is perfect for starting your first Kill Team terrain project. Because the tiles are fully modular you can choose to add more sets and build up a full sized 40K table later, or simply order 4 sets and get to building that awesome city fight table you have always wanted!

If you are buying the Streets of the Imperium tile pack, consider adding some of our other tile sets to your order. The Kreative Scenery modular terrain tile system allows you to create a table full of mini dioramas which can be arranged and re-arranged into almost endless terrain possibilities. The Kreative Scenery terrain tile system is unique as it allows 3d modularity. Tiles can be clipped together with either the standard joiners or elevated tile joiners allowing you to create plateaus and high rolling hills. With these tiles you can create a natural and fully sculpted landscape to fight your battles across. The possibilities are endless!

Below is shown an exhample of a complete Kill Team board using a simgle set of the Streets of the Imperium Tiles.

Below, the  parts supplied in the Streets of the Imperium tile pack.

Below, a fully painted, Streets of the Imperium tile pack with no terrain.

Below, a top down close view of a Kill Team board.