4x P40E Kittyhawks

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While never considered quite the equal of the Me 109 in a straight up dog fight, a skilled P40E Kittyhawk pilot could put up a stiff fight. If the advantages of the P40E like better high-speed handling, better roll speed and slightly better turning circle were utilised effectively, their pilots would often come out on top. P40's of all types bore the brunt of the desert air to air combat before being replaced later by spitfires. When sufficient spitfires were available to handle the threat to the of the Me 109s, P40 squadrons switched to ground attack roles. 

The Kreative Scenery P40E set allows provides you with two great looking 1:100 scale airfield terrain models as well as two 1:144 scale Kittyhawks to use with your British desert armies. The set contains 2x 1:100 scale P40Es with landing gear deployed, and 2x 1:144 scale flying Kittyhawks with flight stands. The set also comes with a sheet of decals for your P40Es allowing you to fully detail these fantastic models.

(The P40Es are provided unassembled and unpainted. Extra terrain pieces and models are not included, these are shown for scale purposes only.)