Shunting Engine

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Carefully 3D modeled to capture the essence of the DGR Class 80 shunting engine.

The class 80 tank engine was a common sight throughout Germany and Eastern Europe from the mid 20's until steam engines were phased out in the 1960s. Unlike its bigger brothers which were dedicated to pulling long haul freight and troop trains during WW2, the Class 80 would primarily be seen working in freight yards moving rolling stock in the sidings. Class 80 shunters would have however been sent out on short runs with a few trucks and wagons when other bigger and faster engines were not available.

The shunting engine can also be upgraded to an Imperial engine straight out of the 41st millenium, reproduced by Tech Priests from ancient Terran data slates these steam powered engines can utilise many types of fuel, coal, wood or even rendered fat provided by the Ecclesiarchy crematoriums. The class 80 tank engine is a common sight throughout Imperium on low tech worlds or those with limited supplies of promethium!

The class 80 steam engine is fully compatible with other 28mm, Kreative Scenery railway products. We've even loaded it's bunker with real coal so she's ready to roll across your tabletop! The engine is printed in environmentally friendly PLA plastic. The model is shipped pre-painted as shown.