Prussian t13 steam engine, 3D files for your 3D printer


Carefully 3D modeled to capture the essence of the 0-8-0 Prussian T13 steam engine.

The T13 was a common sight throughout Germany and Eastern Europe from the mid 20's until steam engines were phased out in the 1960s. While primarily a shunting engine the T13 would have been seen pulling freight and troop trains when other faster engines were not available. 

The T13 is perfect for players who are tired of looking at empty railway lines and sidings. This steam engine adds a more lived in feel to your battlefields and is perfect for adding life and detail to your Flames of War games. Park it in a siding or abandon it at a country station, this steam engine will be an interesting addition to your battlefield.

The 3D model of the Prussian T13

We have designed this engine to be easy to print, without the need for significant support or rafts. The 3D STL files allow you to build this great looking multi part kit.

We will e-mail you the .stl files (which can be loaded into your 3D slicer program) in less than 2 working days. Please note, by purchasing these files you agree to the following fair use terms. These files are Copyrighted and are for the purchaser's personal use only, they may not be shared, sold or distributed to third parties

The Prussian in action