Warehouse detail Set, 3D files for your 3D printer, $3

Add detail to you modern 28mm adventure games and wargames. Fill up that dead ground inside your warehouse building or add cover to that open area outside a building. Create a barricade to hold back the zombie hoards or duck for cover as AK47 rounds pepper the warehouse!

This set is perfect for 28mm scale games like Walking Dead, Deadzone, Warhammer 40K, TNT (This is Not a Test), Dust and many more!

This set includes a large plastic chemical barrel, a 20ltr chemical container, a cardboard box and a PVC pallet. Print these items as many times as you need on your home printer or down at your local library.

We will e-mail you the .stl files (which can be loaded into your 3D slicer program) in less than 2 working days. Please note, by purchasing these files you agree to the following fair use terms. These files are Copyrighted and are for the purchaser's personal use only, they may not be shared, sold or distributed to third parties.